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The Lot-et-Garonne region (French South-West or Sudouest) is still today a major agricultural area, benefitting from its micro-climate featuring plenty of sun and rain alike, and fertile soil.


For ages referred to as the 'fruitbasket of France,' people refer to this area as the "Tuscany of France." Here it is green nearly all year round, leading to a bounty of pruneaux d'Agen, armagnac, Bordeaux and Buzet wines, juicy purple-fleshed tomatoes, and sunflower fields that never end. 


Due to its historical heritage, this area is dotted with more medieval cities and villages than it is possible to name. Rich in culture, activities, and landscape,  it is a feast for cyclists, historians, birdwatchers, boaters, leasure travels, wine enthusiasts and those in search of the best of the French table. Although famous in this region for dining on duck in all its forms, the table of Gascony has much to offer and will delight you with it's many flavors. (Click here to read more about the food and markets of our region.)


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