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For years we were looking for our paradise and finally discovered it in Nérac. French elegance in a small picturesque village brimming with energy and vitality.


It didn't take long for us to decide that Moulin de Bapaumes would be our home. We consider ourselves as proud keepers of the keys to an important part of European and local history. 


We are delighted to enjoy and share the historical, cultural and culinary wealth of the Albret Valley. 


Your hosts would like you to feel at home and at ease with any need you might have. The Moulin caters specifically for those in need of a break from problems that you might want to forget for a moment.


"In life and love simple living becomes almost impossible..

sometimes very complicated...involved...intrigued... a never ending path of have to do...

Then one day you close your eyes and wish for something else...

something less to do with all those things that just keep you awake at night.....

so you start thinking looking and dreaming....imagening...

a lost paradise....an island escape a the shrangri-lah 

peacefulness ....quietness...balance....passion....tranquillity.....


the easy way.... lets smell the roses..... here we are.....

this is our Eben hà-zere....."*"


*"Eben hà-zere" - Hebrew for "Stone of help"

** Excerpt from personal letters of the owners



"Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination..."

Immanuel Kant

© 2015 Moulin de Bapaumes, SCI R & D

Moulin De Bapaumes

Lieu Dit Bapaume

Nérac, 47600, France


+ 33 7 85 56 18 39

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