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Historic Sites

Would you prefer following in the footsteps of Margarite of Angouleme, Henry of Navarre, the Knights Templar, or Richard the Lionheart?


Nérac and it's surrounding region is a tapestry of rich English and French history - there is more to see than you could possibly manage in one single visit! You will just need to come back again!


A local must-see that is within walking distance and a key attraction both for it's history and it's beauty is the Château-Musee Henry IV, which is in the center of Nerac and a charming space to visit. 


Depending on your whim and mode of transport, you can visit abbeys, bastides (fortified towns) -some with their moats still surviving! - Gothic and Romanesque churches, Roman sites, explore châteaux, and more! Some are only a short bicyle ride away, others wait at the end of a scenic drive.


Ask us at check in for a map of the region with villages and must-sees highlighted.


Here is a snapshot of historical sites within an hour drive:

  • Abbeye de Flaran (Abbey with stunning grounds, art collection including Cezanne, Picaso and more!)

  • La Réole (Abbey, village, and one of the oldest townhalls in France, built by Richard the Lionheart!)

  • Fourcés (Bastide with a moat, great place to lunch, and one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France!)

  • Larresingle (bastide, fortress, and medieval weaponry displays)

  • Le NomDieu (Templar fortified church)

  • Condom (Gothic Cathedral on the Camino de Santiago route and charming town)

  • Vianne (Bastide with walls and gates surviving)

  • Duras (restored château and charming village with stunning views of the Duras Valley)


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