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Cycling Resources

Cycling in the Lot-et-Garonne

Cycle on your own or follow the cycling trails that have been plotted in the area. These are perfect quiet roads that lead you through gentle slopes between vineyars and sunflowers and charming towns where you can stop for lunch or refreshment.


Plotted circuits:

Bicycles can be rented from Veloland, Nerac

For Food & Wine Lovers

Gascony has a rich and varied food culture to discover and enjoy - a world where flavor and farm-to-table have always been synonymous. From the locally grown duck of the Albret Valley, to the beef of Cahors, to the wines of Bordeaux, and the Armagnac flavored pruneaux d'Agen, there is something for every taste bud. 


There is also a vibrant market culture. In Nérac there is a large and well-attended Saturday market (8am until noon, year-round). There are also markets daily in neighboring villages, including the marche gourmand nocturne (night market) in Lavardac every summertime Thursday night from 19h00 until 23h00 (15 minutes from Nérac by bicycle.) This gourmet food market also offers live music and food stalls - a great way to taste your way through a summer evening.


In Nérac there is a marche gourmand nocturne with live music every Tuesday night from end of June until end of September - eat great local foods, drink local wines and rub shoulders with the Neracaise, all against the backdrop of the Chateau Henry IV.


The fun with food continues in Nérac during the winter months - don't miss out on the annual Truffle Festival the last week of January!


And for dessert... try a chocolate from Choclaterie La Cigale (the inspiration for the novel and film Chocolat)


Read about the foods to explore in this Conde Nast Traveler article: Click Here


Restaurants to Consider:


Wine Tasting Locations to Consider:

Food Lovers

Whether taking a stroll in the private garden of Moulin de Bapaumes, or in Nérac's own Park de Garenne, there are plenty of green spaces to spend some time walking, meditating, bird watching, gazing at the river and more.


The Park de Garenne is a beautiful tree-lined park in the heart of Nérac with a small brasserie and cafe open during the summer months. Open-air concerts and perfomances are frequently held there as well. A charming spot to explore.


The garden of Moulin de Bapaumes is also open to guests staying with us - walk out the front door into a park of tranquility, bird song, and beauty. Find a spot to sit and simply do nothing.


Wander in our Park

Wander in our Park

Would you prefer following in the footsteps of Margarite of Angouleme, Henry of Navarre, the Knights Templar, or Richard the Lionheart?


Nérac and it's surrounding region is a tapestry of rich English and French history - there is more to see than you could possibly manage in one single visit! You will just need to come back again!


A local must-see that is within walking distance and a key attraction both for it's history and it's beauty is the Château-Musee Henry IV, which is in the center of Nerac and a charming space to visit. 


Depending on your whim and mode of transport, you can visit abbeys, bastides (fortified towns) -some with their moats still surviving! - Gothic and Romanesque churches, Roman sites, explore châteaux, and more! Some are only a short bicyle ride away, others wait at the end of a scenic drive.


Ask us at check in for a map of the region with villages and must-sees highlighted.


Here is a snapshot of historical sites within an hour drive:

  • Abbeye de Flaran (Abbey with stunning grounds, art collection including Cezanne, Picaso and more!)

  • La Réole (Abbey, village, and one of the oldest townhalls in France, built by Richard the Lionheart!)

  • Fourcés (Bastide with a moat, great place to lunch, and one of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France!)

  • Larresingle (bastide, fortress, and medieval weaponry displays)

  • Le NomDieu (Templar fortified church)

  • Condom (Gothic Cathedral on the Camino de Santiago route and charming town)

  • Vianne (Bastide with walls and gates surviving)

  • Duras (restored château and charming village with stunning views of the Duras Valley)


Historical Sites

Historical Sites
River Pleasures

River Pleasures

On the calm waters of La Baïse river, there are lots of activities waiting for summer days and water-lovers:


Whether you like just hoping on a bicycle, strapping on some hiking boots, or belting on a safety harness to rappell through the trees, there are sporting activities in the area for everyone's interest and pleasure:


Sporting Activities

Sporting Activities

The rolling green hills of Gascogne are a golfer's dream. There are a varity of golf courses in the area, including in Barbaste, only a few minutes drive away. 


  • Albret Golf Club (In Barbaste, this 18-hole golf course is set on the grounds of an old monastery.It is a charming spot to golf or take golf lessons, and it also has a restaurant on the property. Open year round.)

  • Les Contes d'Albret (Between Nerac and Andiran. Golf course as well as mini-golf available. Open in the summer only.)

  • Golf Club de Guinlet (Near Éauze, this facility includes a gold course with views of the Pyrenees, a proshop, and golf lessons)

  • Golf d'Allot (Just outside Agen, in the village of Boé, this custom designed 9-hole course is on the grounds of the Château d'Allot




For those looking for a chance to swim, sunbathe, or have the children play in the water, there are a variety of options:


  • Lud'O Parc, Nérac (Waterpark with pools specifically designed for young children. Beautiful views of the hills and the village of Nérac. Situated only a 5-minute walk away from Moulin Des Bapaumes.) Open July - beginning September.

  • Piscine Municipale, Nérac (A state-of-the-art swimming complex, only a 10-minute bike ride away! Swimming lessons as well as water aerobics classes. Open year round.)

  • And our personal favourite: Swimming in the river! There are several places where there is easy access to the river for a swim. Ask us for details!


With many underground water sources, the Lot-et-Garonne is famous for it's thermal baths, a tradition in the region since Roman times. Here are just a few from the region:


Thermal Baths and Spas

Thermal Baths and Spas
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